Osiris Energy Small Wind Dealer Training in Arkansas City, Kansas, USA

Osiris 10 Training KS 201504 (31) Osiris 10 Training KS 201504 (15)

What is fun about doing business is being with people who like you and you like them.  That was our experience during Osiris Energy small wind dealer training on April, 17-18 in Arkansas City, Kansas, a state known as “The Land of Oz”.

We chose Arkansas City, KS because of Sterling Condit from SRI Wind and Solar, a local dealer who was determined to take a new adventure in renewable business and do something good.  In a state without favorite incentives, Sterling manages to grow his business quickly for both solar and wind.   He has a happy Osiris 10 turbine customer, Mr. Dougherty, who kindly allowed us to use his turbine for our field training.

Our dealers from the east coast, mid west, and the south, gathered at this small town “in the middle of nowhere”.  But this place was an excellent choice; we had a good start. Sterling cooked steaks for us in his backyard, and intrigued by our training, the hotel general manager voluntarily found us a nice conference room and offered it to us for free.  The dealers were surprisingly friendly to each other too. 🙂

You probably can only find a handful of active small wind turbine dealers in the US now as many have migrated to solar to stay in business.  It is wonderful to meet these hard-core small wind turbine professionals who are still fighting the battle to revive the small wind industry out of passion and love for the technologies. “Small wind turbine is visible and it shows the sustainable effort of an organization.” Our Texas dealer commented for their government projects.

Customers like Mr. Dougherty still exists.  They just don’t like bad turbines. They are looking for a small wind turbine that has high power production to lower their electricity bill yet it has good protection during high wind for long-term safety operation of the machine.  Osiris 10, certified by AWEA 9.1 and listed on ITAC,  fills this customer needs nicely.

Our training consists of sales, small wind turbine system overview, control and protection, inverter and monitoring sessions.  We got so many questions from these experienced dealers who even felt a little “guilty” but we were quite happy to be challenged. That’s the best way to learn too.

The next day, we all stood in front of Mr. Dougherty’s turbine learning how different parts work together and how to install and perform maintenance on the turbine.  Our engineer Mr. Zhang flew from China to support our training with his years of small wind turbine design and testing experience.  What got people interested the most are Osiris 10’s unique triple pitch control mechanism, special blade design, and maintenance and repair approach.  Our students were very engaging, and they were good students.

It was a rainy day,  but Mr. Dougherty prepared a tent to cover the turbine head so we didn’t get wet.  He happily shared his experience, saying “I went to so many websites to read about different turbines, this one is the top rated, when it says 10kW, it produced 10kW.”   Our Texas installer SWG Energy from Texas also kindly commented.  “We had training on several renewable energy technologies. The has been the best!”

Company Overview:

OSIRIS ENERGY is a global manufacturer and marketer of small wind turbine systems.  The company has a strong worldwide leadership position. Our leading-edge small wind turbine technologies are especially designed for low wind and harsh environments.  AWEA 9.1 certified Osiris 10 small wind turbine system is through InterTek.  Osiris 10 also achieved IEC61400-2 and Denmark certification.  Osiris 10 is listed on the unified equipment list for ITAC state incentives.  www.osirisenergy.com   www.osirisenergy-usa.com.

Signs of Revival for Small Wind Turbine Industry in the US


Looking at the Osiris 10 US installation picture above, my thoughts flew away from the snowy Ohio into upcoming spring and summer . We’ll see much more Osiris 10 small wind turbines installed on this beautiful land this year.

It has been a quiet year in 2014 for small wind industry in the US while many people were chasing sun (solar).  We now see some signs of revival in 2015 for good reasons.

First, the US Federal government is now behind the QUALITY small wind turbines.  On January 20th, The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has issued Notice 2015-4 providing new performance and quality standards that require certification of small wind turbines in order to qualify for the 30% federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC).  Small Wind Turbine like Osiris 10, IEC61400-2 and AWEA 9.1 certified, can compete on a fair ground with other quality wind turbines.

Second, the small wind industry still exists after recent tough years.  The main reason is that we can still find many people who love small wind turbines in such a big land.  Our installer partners want to take the challenge of dealing with this complex small wind turbine technology (It is great way for kids to get into multidisciplinary studies of science) to experience great satisfaction after installing them.  Many people still feel proud to have a small wind turbine erected on their land.

Third, we learned a new way of supporting our installer partners in this niche market.  We are able to establish a close-knit -community, we call it Osiris Energy Small Wind Village where  we connect our installer partners to help them make hard-to-find friends and exchange expertise in a non-competitive environment.  They are not fighting the battle alone.  They can get support not only from the manufacturers but their peers.  We’ve seen it works beautifully.


Osiris 10 is proven working in the US.  Osiris 10 brought in exciting technology advancement into the industry.  But we have to admit that there is a longer than expected learning curve.  We are fortunate to have our loyal installer partners on our side.  They had visited Osiris Energy factory and built trust in the quality of product and our people behind the product. They gave us good suggestions on product, documentation and service along the way.  We took their inputs with great appreciation as we want to drive continuous improvement to better serve our customers for the long run. Now several Osiris 10 are installed and monitored remotely.  Our installers are in a favorite position to share their successful stories with more potential customers to generate more business.

Not everyday is sunny day, sometimes it is a windy day or even a snowy day. That’s nature. The energy shall come from different sources including small wind turbine.  We sincerely invite more installer friends to join our Osiris Energy Small Wind Village!  Please contact us at sales@osirisenergy-usa.com.

OSIRIS ENERGY is a global manufacturer and marketer of small wind turbine systems.  The company has a strong worldwide leadership position. Our leading-edge small wind turbine technologies are especially designed for low wind and harsh environments.  AWEA 9.1 certified Osiris 10 small wind turbine system is through InterTek.  Osiris 10 also achieved IEC61400-2 and Denmark certification.  Osiris 10 is listed on the unified equipment list for ITAC state incentives.  www.osirisenergy.com   www.osirisenergy-usa.com.

Small Wind Industry is Expecting New IRS Requirements


In my previous blog, we discussed 5 REASON WHY SMALL WIND INDUSTRY IS SMALL.  I’m glad to see that the small wind industry is moving toward the right direction to address quality and service and protect consumers. I signed up a webinar to know more. You welcome to check it out by clicking here.

  • Bret Barker, U.S. Department of Energy, will present a DOE program overview, including a certification update and discussion of the implementation of certification standards into ITC/1603.
  • Robert Preus, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, will describe the soon-to-be-published Small Wind Turbine Site Assessor’s Guide.
  • In addition, an overview of the SMART Wind Consortium, which is funded by the U.S. Department of Commerce, will be presented.

As indicated in the U.S. Department of Treasury’s recently-published2014-2015 Priority Guidance Plan update, new IRS eligibility requirements are expected soon for the Federal investment tax credit for small wind turbines – defined as having a nameplate capacity of no more than 100 kilowatts. The exact details of the requirements are not yet known, but we will disseminate this information once it is announced.

The addition of performance and quality assurance requirements at the Federal level is a good sign that certification is now a trusted and useful tool in protecting consumers and helping to ensure the successful implementation of distributed wind projects in the U.S. This step is a positive move that fits into the overall strategy the distributed wind industry as a whole has been pursuing for many years to strengthen the sector’s credibility and reliability.

As stated in the April 2014 memorandum from Jose Zayas, Director of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Wind and Water Power Technologies Office, “Since 2007, DOE’s WWPTO has made significant investments to establish a process for small and medium-sized wind turbine certification.” Now that wind turbine certification has reached a level of maturity, DOE encourages that “the use of public funds be provided only for wind turbines that have been tested and certified for safety, function, performance, and durability.”  [Source: SWCC newsletter]


OSIRIS ENERGY is a global manufacturer and marketer of small wind turbine systems.  The company has a strong worldwide leadership position. Our leading-edge small wind turbine technologies are especially designed for low wind and harsh environments.  AWEA 9.1 certified Osiris 10 small wind turbine system is through InterTek.  Osiris 10 also achieved IEC61400-2 and Denmark certification.  Osiris 10 is listed on the unified equipment list for ITAC state incentives.  www.osirisenergy.com   www.osirisenergy-usa.com.

Osiris 10 Small Wind Turbine Installed in Windy Kansas

Sterling Conduit lives in Kansas, a state where Dorothy and Toto (The Wizard of Oz) used to live before their house was carried away by tornado.  Sterling has built his SRI Remodeling over the last ten years.  In recent years, he is attracted to renewable energy.  He is now doing business as SRI Wind Solar.  Sterling is determined to make small wind turbine to work in Kansas despite of technology complexity and lack of state incentives.  Osiris 10 made it possible with its high performance, affordable pricing and high reliability in harsh environment.  Soon after, he was on his way to attend Osiris Energy global dealer training in Ningbo China at the factory, meeting with other experienced dealers from US, Europe, Australia and Asia.  It was an intense training with both theoretical teachings and hands-on practices.  Yes it was full of fun.  Sterling said “Osiris turbine training is awesome.”
This month, Sterling commissioned his first Osiris 10 small wind turbine for his client where the average wind speed is over 8 m/s   Sterling represents the type of dealers we want to grow business with, a good entrepreneur who loves small wind turbine, has business integrity and a kind heart toward people and nature.

A little story about Osiris Energy logo

osiris logo

It has always been my favorite time to sit on a plane flying from one city to another.  With little distraction, I could immerse myself into a good book.  This time, I re-read the book titled “Pour your heart into it” written by Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz.  I read this book three years ago sitting at Starbucks inside a Barnes & Noble bookstore.  Three years and countless stories later, I just realized how much impact this book has on me.

Unlike Schultz who was captured by the magic of the coffee, I was fascinated by the elegantly looking powerful Osiris Energy small wind turbine the first time I set my eyes on it.  Osiris is an interesting name.  As a person with curiosity, I tried to find its meaning and its connection with a small wind turbine, although I was told it was simply picked from the name of a research project.  Here is what I found on wikipedia and I picked the portion I liked. Osiris is an Egyptian god. In one description, he was described as the “Lord of love“. “He Who is Permanently Benign and Youthful“.  Osiris began to be associated with the cycles observed in nature.  His name is tied to agriculture and renewable energy.

Last year, I had a chance to visit Louvre, I found the statues of Osiris and took some pictures.  I brought these pictures with me to Osiris Energy factory in China.  I had wanted to create an Osiris Energy logo that can resonate with people who love the magic of harnessing ancient wind with small wind turbines.  All I could think of was the logo of Starbucks which evokes the romance of the high seas and the seafaring tradition of the early coffee traders.  Starbucks captures the imagination of modern people.  We can do the same.  With the help of our talented graphic designer and everyone’s inputs in the office, we created this Osiris Energy logo. We tried to remove certain aspect of its religious meaning while keeping its magic associated with the forever young renewable energy and our ties to the agricultural environment.  The business should not be just dry financial numbers,  it should help us connect with people in the business. We hope Osiris Energy logo can serve this purpose.

http://www.osirisenergy-usa.com  http://www.osirisenergy.com

Wind Orchard Energy’s Osiris 10 Small Wind Turbine Arrived Colorado



Jeff Hebert is passionate about small wind turbines.  He has studied the field over the last twelve years.  Then he found Osiris Energy from reading our blog.   When he heard that we would ship a real AWEA 9.1 certified Osiris 10 small wind turbine to GlobalCon in New Jersey for Osiris Energy exhibition, he and his partner made a quick decision to buy it.  They drove about two thousand miles from Colorado to New Jersey. Many visitors were attracted to this elegantly looking machine. Standing in front of his Osiris 10, Jeff talked to many visitors, putting him in the exhibitor’s shoes.  Yesterday, Jeff informed us he just received all the electronics  and he is planning for installation.