DOE issues memo to fed agencies recommending wind turbine certification


Source: Clean Energy States Alliance

As you may have heard, the U.S. Department of Energy has issued a guidance memo on quality assurance to 17 federal agencies encouraging that public funds be provided only for wind turbines that have been tested and certified for safety, performance, function, and durability.  This memo applies to distributed wind turbines (small and medium turbines generally under 1MW) and will help ensure that taxpayer funds support turbines that meet performance and safety standards.  Fifteen turbines up to 100kW are fully certified in the US; nearly thirty more are in the process of certifying.

The Clean Energy States Alliance, through its Interstate Turbine Advisory Council (ITAC), recommends that state agencies and utilities provide incentive funding for certified turbines that meet ITAC’s additional responsible business practices criteria.  ITAC maintains a list with 11 turbines that meet its standards:

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New funding from REAP grants and Simplified Process

In the small wind industry, any bit of help is needed.  There is some good news coming from Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) of USDA.  USDA has $50 million per year funding for the next five years for the 25% REAP grants and will soon introduce a radically simplified REAP application form.
The purpose of REAP program is to help farmers, ranchers and rural small businesses reduce energy costs and consumption to help the nation meet its energy needs.
The current REAP application deadline is on July 7th.  They have $12.5 million in the pool.  The next REAP application will have $100 million in the pool.  It will start in October this year with much simplified process and paperwork.
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