Osiris Energy Small Wind Dealer Training in Arkansas City, Kansas, USA

Osiris 10 Training KS 201504 (31) Osiris 10 Training KS 201504 (15)

What is fun about doing business is being with people who like you and you like them.  That was our experience during Osiris Energy small wind dealer training on April, 17-18 in Arkansas City, Kansas, a state known as “The Land of Oz”.

We chose Arkansas City, KS because of Sterling Condit from SRI Wind and Solar, a local dealer who was determined to take a new adventure in renewable business and do something good.  In a state without favorite incentives, Sterling manages to grow his business quickly for both solar and wind.   He has a happy Osiris 10 turbine customer, Mr. Dougherty, who kindly allowed us to use his turbine for our field training.

Our dealers from the east coast, mid west, and the south, gathered at this small town “in the middle of nowhere”.  But this place was an excellent choice; we had a good start. Sterling cooked steaks for us in his backyard, and intrigued by our training, the hotel general manager voluntarily found us a nice conference room and offered it to us for free.  The dealers were surprisingly friendly to each other too. 🙂

You probably can only find a handful of active small wind turbine dealers in the US now as many have migrated to solar to stay in business.  It is wonderful to meet these hard-core small wind turbine professionals who are still fighting the battle to revive the small wind industry out of passion and love for the technologies. “Small wind turbine is visible and it shows the sustainable effort of an organization.” Our Texas dealer commented for their government projects.

Customers like Mr. Dougherty still exists.  They just don’t like bad turbines. They are looking for a small wind turbine that has high power production to lower their electricity bill yet it has good protection during high wind for long-term safety operation of the machine.  Osiris 10, certified by AWEA 9.1 and listed on ITAC,  fills this customer needs nicely.

Our training consists of sales, small wind turbine system overview, control and protection, inverter and monitoring sessions.  We got so many questions from these experienced dealers who even felt a little “guilty” but we were quite happy to be challenged. That’s the best way to learn too.

The next day, we all stood in front of Mr. Dougherty’s turbine learning how different parts work together and how to install and perform maintenance on the turbine.  Our engineer Mr. Zhang flew from China to support our training with his years of small wind turbine design and testing experience.  What got people interested the most are Osiris 10’s unique triple pitch control mechanism, special blade design, and maintenance and repair approach.  Our students were very engaging, and they were good students.

It was a rainy day,  but Mr. Dougherty prepared a tent to cover the turbine head so we didn’t get wet.  He happily shared his experience, saying “I went to so many websites to read about different turbines, this one is the top rated, when it says 10kW, it produced 10kW.”   Our Texas installer SWG Energy from Texas also kindly commented.  “We had training on several renewable energy technologies. The has been the best!”

Company Overview:

OSIRIS ENERGY is a global manufacturer and marketer of small wind turbine systems.  The company has a strong worldwide leadership position. Our leading-edge small wind turbine technologies are especially designed for low wind and harsh environments.  AWEA 9.1 certified Osiris 10 small wind turbine system is through InterTek.  Osiris 10 also achieved IEC61400-2 and Denmark certification.  Osiris 10 is listed on the unified equipment list for ITAC state incentives.  www.osirisenergy.com   www.osirisenergy-usa.com.

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