Wind Orchard Energy’s Osiris 10 Small Wind Turbine Arrived Colorado



Jeff Hebert is passionate about small wind turbines.  He has studied the field over the last twelve years.  Then he found Osiris Energy from reading our blog.   When he heard that we would ship a real AWEA 9.1 certified Osiris 10 small wind turbine to GlobalCon in New Jersey for Osiris Energy exhibition, he and his partner made a quick decision to buy it.  They drove about two thousand miles from Colorado to New Jersey. Many visitors were attracted to this elegantly looking machine. Standing in front of his Osiris 10, Jeff talked to many visitors, putting him in the exhibitor’s shoes.  Yesterday, Jeff informed us he just received all the electronics  and he is planning for installation.

Osiris Energy Global Dealership Training in September

Osiris Energy is inviting experienced small wind dealers in US and Canada to attend Global Dealership Training at Ningbo, China in September.


Target Trainee

The course is offered to dealers and installers who have experience of installing and maintaining small wind turbines.

Training Objectives

The objectives of the courses are to deepen the knowledge of small wind turbine systems, understand Osiris 10 and its advantages, and gain the practical installation and maintenance skills. By attending the training, all trainees will gain the knowledge concerning:

  • Osiris Energy company, team and culture
  • Osiris 10 turbine and advantages
  • Osiris 10 key components and operating principle
  • Osiris 10 installation requirements and practice
  • Osiris 10 maintenance requirements and practice