Osiris 10 Small Wind Turbine Installed in Windy Kansas

Sterling Conduit lives in Kansas, a state where Dorothy and Toto (The Wizard of Oz) used to live before their house was carried away by tornado.  Sterling has built his SRI Remodeling over the last ten years.  In recent years, he is attracted to renewable energy.  He is now doing business as SRI Wind Solar.  Sterling is determined to make small wind turbine to work in Kansas despite of technology complexity and lack of state incentives.  Osiris 10 made it possible with its high performance, affordable pricing and high reliability in harsh environment.  Soon after, he was on his way to attend Osiris Energy global dealer training in Ningbo China at the factory, meeting with other experienced dealers from US, Europe, Australia and Asia.  It was an intense training with both theoretical teachings and hands-on practices.  Yes it was full of fun.  Sterling said “Osiris turbine training is awesome.”
This month, Sterling commissioned his first Osiris 10 small wind turbine for his client where the average wind speed is over 8 m/s   Sterling represents the type of dealers we want to grow business with, a good entrepreneur who loves small wind turbine, has business integrity and a kind heart toward people and nature.