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Osiris 10 Small Wind Turbine Installed in Windy Kansas

Sterling Conduit lives in Kansas, a state where Dorothy and Toto (The Wizard of Oz) used to live before their house was carried away by tornado.  Sterling has built his SRI Remodeling over the last ten years.  In recent years, he is attracted to renewable energy.  He is now doing business as SRI Wind Solar.  Sterling is determined to make small wind turbine to work in Kansas despite of technology complexity and lack of state incentives.  Osiris 10 made it possible with its high performance, affordable pricing and high reliability in harsh environment.  Soon after, he was on his way to attend Osiris Energy global dealer training in Ningbo China at the factory, meeting with other experienced dealers from US, Europe, Australia and Asia.  It was an intense training with both theoretical teachings and hands-on practices.  Yes it was full of fun.  Sterling said “Osiris turbine training is awesome.”
This month, Sterling commissioned his first Osiris 10 small wind turbine for his client where the average wind speed is over 8 m/s   Sterling represents the type of dealers we want to grow business with, a good entrepreneur who loves small wind turbine, has business integrity and a kind heart toward people and nature.

Wind Orchard Energy’s Osiris 10 Small Wind Turbine Arrived Colorado



Jeff Hebert is passionate about small wind turbines.  He has studied the field over the last twelve years.  Then he found Osiris Energy from reading our blog.   When he heard that we would ship a real AWEA 9.1 certified Osiris 10 small wind turbine to GlobalCon in New Jersey for Osiris Energy exhibition, he and his partner made a quick decision to buy it.  They drove about two thousand miles from Colorado to New Jersey. Many visitors were attracted to this elegantly looking machine. Standing in front of his Osiris 10, Jeff talked to many visitors, putting him in the exhibitor’s shoes.  Yesterday, Jeff informed us he just received all the electronics  and he is planning for installation.

Osiris Energy Global Dealership Training in September

Osiris Energy is inviting experienced small wind dealers in US and Canada to attend Global Dealership Training at Ningbo, China in September.


Target Trainee

The course is offered to dealers and installers who have experience of installing and maintaining small wind turbines.

Training Objectives

The objectives of the courses are to deepen the knowledge of small wind turbine systems, understand Osiris 10 and its advantages, and gain the practical installation and maintenance skills. By attending the training, all trainees will gain the knowledge concerning:

  • Osiris Energy company, team and culture
  • Osiris 10 turbine and advantages
  • Osiris 10 key components and operating principle
  • Osiris 10 installation requirements and practice
  • Osiris 10 maintenance requirements and practice




Clean Energy Group ITAC Press Release

MONTPELIER, Vt. – Jan. 30, 2014, the Interstate Turbine Advisory Council (ITAC), a project of the Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA), added the Osiris 10 and Kestrel e400nb, two fully certified small wind turbines, to its Unified List of wind turbines.. The turbines join six others on ITAC’s small wind turbine list; these turbines meet ITAC’s listing requirements, a unique set of eligibility criteria that address both the business practices of manufacturers and the performance and reliability of turbines with a rotor swept area of less than 200m2 (meters squared). The list is used by ITAC-member clean energy programs across the United States that have pooled resources to efficiently review and evaluate turbines. The list has been developed to boost consumer confidence in distributed wind and to ensure that taxpayer and rate-payer funding supports the installation of reliable and safe wind energy technology.

The Osiris 10 is a new entrant to the U.S. market—only two units are in operation here. The turbine is manufactured by global small wind turbine system manufacturer, Osiris Energy, headquartered in Shanghai. In October of 2013, the Osiris 10 achieved certification to the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) 9.1 standard from Intertek, a nationally recognized testing laboratory. The turbine exceeded the standard’s duration test criteria of 90% with an impressive overall operational time of 99.6%. Additionally, the turbine has achieved IEC 61400-2 certification.

The addition of these turbines to the ITAC Unified List will increase customers’ choices; the Osiris 10 is an ideal candidate for lower wind speed locations due to its direct drive permanent magnet generator which allows for high efficiency and high production, with a start-up speed as low as 2.5 m/s.

To view the list of ITAC turbine requirements and the full list of qualified turbines, please visit ITAC’s web page

View the full PR, click here.

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A good business can capture opportunities in a chaotic world and thrive in this environment. It exists to have positive impacts on the society, environment and and our own lives. Like a good person, a good business should have a sound value system.

Osiris Energy chose to become the leader in the renewable energy industry. We take on sustainability practice. We use modern small wind technologies to harvest ancient wind energy. As one of the world largest small wind turbine manufacturers, Osiris Energy strives to make right decisions under the guidance of our value system.

T. R. I. P. S.

We value openness and transparency. Transparent brings trust. Trust between our company, our partners and customers is the foundation that we can do business together simply, effectively and happily.

We are committed to be a responsible business for our society, environment, community, employees, partners and our customers. We want to help make our planet a better place to live for generations to come.

We choose to do right things in the right ways. We earn our credit each day by how we conduct our business.

We respect people and value people’s contribution. We want to add value to people and help people to tap into their own potential.

We encourage and facilitate knowledge sharing and continuous learning within our organization and across our supply chain. We want to create an Osiris Energy Village ecosystem to help our partners be more successful. Individually, we are small. Together, we are BIG.

Thanks for taking VALUE T.R.I.P.S. with Osiris Energy.


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